Get Thee to The Forecast: A Fashion Show Made for Seattle

The phrase "Northwest fashion" isn't commonly used. Probably because it evokes smirks and Gore-Tex jokes more than it actually describes any identifiable trends or habits.

But after hosting four annual local designer competitions (Seamless in Seattle) and covering new and exciting retailers and designers in the magazine every month, this editorial team can testify that Seattle has plenty to offer in to the fashion industry, and not just the corner of it that also houses a rock-climbing wall.

A recent article in our sister title, Seattle Business magazine confirms it: "Seattle ranks fourth—behind New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco—as a major area of fashion design and apparel talent."

It's time, Seattle. Let's shed the slovenly, self-deprecating schtick and project a little more home team pride.

That's not a sounding of the conch shell to hit the mall and parrot what every national retailer tells you to do.

Seattleites are different and, so, we should take a different approach in Northwest fashion: we love nature, so we want local designs made sustainably; we love our neighborhoods, so we want to shop in local stores; we walk and bike in our city, so we like to be comfortable; we're a city that engages in the arts, nature, education and volunteer work, so we want to look cool - but not full of ourselves.

The marriage of all these influences is driving the first-ever fashion show The Forecast, in which we've teamed up with a long list of local retailers to bring you a range of looks that marry "high style" with more everyday outerwear. In other words, failsafe Northwest materials meet more imaginative accessories. Functional becomes fun. And yes, Gore-Tex gets a little sexier.

It all goes down at Benaroya Hall, March 14 - at The Forecast.

Get your tickets quick.


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