What To Do at the Evergreen State Fair

Sure, there will be corn dogs and ferris wheels, but the fair in Monroe offers so much more
| Updated: July 15, 2019
  • Sure, there will be corn dogs and a ferris wheel, but the fair in Monroe offers so much more

The countdown has begun for the Evergreen State Fair: the 111-year running, multifaceted county fair that will give you access to everything from urban farming techniques and a cow milking viewing parlor to an Aloe Blacc concert and artisan market. Running from August 22 to September 2, celebrating the local spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

This zero-waste fair prides itself on blending tradition with the innovation of the future: celebrating Washington’s agriculture and the quirky aspects that make the state stand out. The perfect destination for a date, a day with friends and family, or a solo trip, below are just a few of the activities you’ll find at the Evergreen State Fair.

Demolition Derby: Had enough of Seattle traffic? Let your pent-up aggression loose at the demo derby on the only NASCAR-sanctioned race track in the PNW!

(Jake Campbell)

Animals: Touch a goat for the first time or the hundredth, see baby piglets, Draft horses, and watch a cow get milked (does chocolate milk come from brown cows?). Catch the fan favorite chicken agility competition, too.

Beer and wine: New this year, the fair will have beer and wine gardens for those 21 and over. Get a taste of everything from Bud Light to craft beer to local wines.

Learn something new: The fair is the place to brush up on your canning skills, learn a little something about beekeeping, or take a class on urban or rural farming. Looking to try something active? Why not take line dancing lessons from people who wear cowboy boots on a regular basis?

Evergreen State Fair

Local artisans: The Maker’s Market will showcase the creativity of Pacific Northwest artists and craftsmen. This is the perfect place to pick up a gift or maybe build your own collection of things like handcrafted pottery.

Food contest: Enter your prized fried chicken recipe in the open class food competition. Enter by August 19 for the August 26 cook off. Bragging rights are always worth a day off work.

Hyperlocal, humane meat: Take part in the Youth Livestock Auction, where you can buy animals from the local youths who raised them. Read daily journals about the animal, what they ate, shots given and other interesting data. Proceeds from the auction go back to the kids—most use the money to purchase their next animal or for their college fund. Not sure what to do with the animal? Don’t worry, they’ll help you select a local butcher.

Cow pot kale: Plant kale in a fertilized pot and take it home—just wait until your friends find out how healthy and eco-friendly you are.

Wool fashion show: See every step of the process, from shearing the wool to processing and dying it, down to the final products worn by both makers and animals.

Evergreen State Fair

Last, but not least: The Evergreen State Fair’s concert series featuring: Aloe Blacc, Brett Young, SWITCHFOOT, Newsboys, and Steppenwolf Revisited on the Grandstand Stage.

For more information and the full list of activities at the Evergreen State Fair, click here. 

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