Giving Back to Our Neighborhoods: Seattle Magazine’s Community Involvement Program

seattle magazine community involvement neighborhood promo

As you might discern from our latest issue, the editors at Seattle magazine are smitten with this city’s neighborhoods.

Whether they’re near or far, cool or quiet, we can’t get enough of the shops, restaurants, parks and public spaces that make each of Seattle’s signature boroughs so livable.

We’re also aware that part of what makes Seattle neighborhoods great is the active involvement of the neighbors living there! Throw a rock in Seattle and you’re likely to hit an organization that’s working passionately to help kids, protect the environment, feed people who are at risk of going hungry or just giving people a safe and inspiring place to go for fun. We don’t want to take the profound importance of these efforts for granted.

So, as Seattle mag’s editor-in-chief Rachel Hart explained in her editor’s note this month: Seattle magazine has developed a community involvement program (CIP) to give a little something back to groups that help our neighborhoods remain wonderful places to live.

For every issue of Seattle magazine sold in participating retailers, $3 will be donated to a non-profit we select in that neighborhood.

So far, we’re off and running in Ballard, Queen Anne and Fremont. The beneficiaries of those neighborhood CIP's are the Boys & Girls Club of Ballard, the Queen Anne Helpline and Fremont Abbey Arts Center, respectively.

A Seattle mag CIP display at Kitchen N Things in Ballard

What does that mean?
When you purchase a copy of the magazine ($4.99 per issue) decorated with a sticker like this (below), $3 of your purchase will go directly to the non-profit indicated right there on the sticker. The rest of the funds cover the expenses needed to get the magazine there.

How it works
Our distribution team (Hi, Mike and Kat!) work directly with local, independent retailers (that aren’t already distributing the magazine via traditional newsstands) to deliver and display new copies of the magazine each month.

What do I have to do?
Just buy a copy of Seattle magazine at participating retailers and enjoy everything that’s inside, while knowing you’re doing something good for your ’hood.

Why isn’t the program in my neighborhood?!
Seattle magazine’s CIP is just launched in January 2013; and it’s a genuine grassroots effort-in-progress! Our goal is to add one new neighborhood campaign per month. If you want to help, let us know about restaurants, shops, salons, pet stores, bookstores, etc. that might be interested in participating. We’re also interested in referrals for the next charitable organization we select as beneficiary. The more feedback we hear from your neighborhood, the more likely our CIP team will be knocking on those doors next!

All recommendations and questions should be directed to our circulation team:

Mike Jones

Katrinue Fujio