Happy 75th Clamiversary, Ivar's!

Leslie Kelly

We’re so fortunate to live in a city with a booming restaurant industry, a thriving landscape where new places open so often it’s hard to keep up. (Finally had my first meal at Rock Creek, chef Eric Donnelly’s seafood resto that opened in July, and loved it!)

While diners are lining up to try the latest and possibly the greatest, what about all those oldies/goodies? The stalwarts that have been around for decades? Oh, they’re doing just fine, thanks to hordes of hungry regulars.

There’s probably no name that better exemplifies the power of longevity than Ivar’s, an iconic, pun-tastical empire that’s celebrating 75 years of fish and chips and chowder this fall with a whole bunch of turn-back-the-clock priced specials, the release of its first cookbook, penned by Seattle Magazine contributor Jess Thompson and a lavish five-course Clamiversary Dinner Oct. 24 at Ivar's Salmon House on Lake Union featuring recipes from the cookbook.

Hooray and here’s to 75 more!

And beyond all those tasty celebrations, what’s as cool as a foggy October morn is the company’s longstanding commitment to give back to the community. On Tuesday (Oct. 15), Ivar’s is donating ALL proceeds to Northwest Harvest. We dig that! So, go fork over some clams for a good cause.