Have Your Tintype Taken at The Aviary

Go old timey at The Aviary

We’re all obsessed with iPhone photography (Instagram, Hipstamatic, etc.) but how about rocking it old school and exploring the world of tintype photography this weekend at The Aviary in Ballard? San Fran-based photographer Michael Shindler is really into tintype, a style that he centers his popular Photobooth company around, and has just recently built a 14 by 17 inch camera, which will create the largest images he has ever produced.

Popular in the mid to late 1800s, the tintype process calls for a thin layer of light sensitive chemicals to be applied to a metal plate, on which the image in imprinted directly. What results are haunting black and white images that recall Civil War and Victorian-era photographs.

Shindler will be in town with his recently built large camera (as well as the smaller one he also uses) this weekend, July 27 and 28. Sittings on Saturday with the large camera are $275 and sittings on Sunday with the small camera (4 by 5 inch) are $70. Advance reservations are required (individuals only and no kids under five). Email aviarytintype@gmail.com for more info and to save your spot.