Heart of Gold: Material Good and Pollinator Pathway Partner Up

Pollinator Pathway Material Good Seattle magazine
The Yellow Brick Road version of Material Good's Little Shirley vase

What’s been garnering a lot of buzz lately? The benevolent partnership between Material Good, the maker of those cute, hand-made and hand-glazed Little Shirley vases, and Pollinator Pathway, a project started in 2008 to increase the local habitat for bees and other pollinating creatures. The organizations are partnering up to make good things happen for the city’s pollinators.  For the rest of this month, Material Good will donate ten percent of all July sales of its Yellow Brick Road Little Shirley to support Pollinator’s mission to make a mile long corridor of gardens for honeybee travel. When completed, the corridor will connect two public green spaces—Seattle University’s campus at 12th Avenue and the petite, yet lush Madrona park Nora’s Woods at 29th Avenue—with a series of pollinator-friendly gardens. The teensy-tiny vases can scarcely hold more than one pollinated flower, but the small price tag ($20) makes it easy to do good for the bee community. Where to find your lemony-yellow Little Shirley: Nordstrom, Seattle Art Museum, Ravenna Gardens and the Space Needle.