Horses Cut Shop Pops Up at Nordstrom

Genuine American riff-raff courtesy of Horses Cut Shop

Gabe Johnson, the rabblerousing owner and genius marketer behind Horses Cut Shop, a Seattle-based business that specializes in keeping the kitschy-cool logos of epic dive bars, familiar haunts and good old American mom and pop’s on the chests of people everywhere is rolling out a line of tee shirts in the Rail section of the downtown Nordstrom this Saturday, August 24 through Labor Day (with 17 more stores to follow), and online for men and boys featuring logos from Northwest faves including Bardahl, the Comet Tavern, Ivars and more.


Johnson designed the tabletop that these tees will adorn—an experience in and of itself—belted and wrapped with a skirt made from old denim and topped with a Smokey and the Bandit-style diorama with a Horse Cut Shop truck and flaming goats (obvi), along with the back story on the brands they’ve chosen to feature on their tees.

Learn more about Horses Cut Shop here, and get a gander at Johnson in all his rapscallion glory.