Humble Pie Now Open in the Central District

I drive past the home of Humble Pie (at 525 Rainier Ave, at Weller Street) on the edge of the  International District (technically it's the Central District) almost daily on my way to and from the south end. And for over a year, I've watched as owner Brian Solazzi gradually built decking, planted living roofs and installed chicken pens around the two shipping containers he moved onto the property to house his pizza place. Of course, the pizza oven was the first hint that this might turn into something very interesting for south-end pizza lovers. But boy did the build-out phase tease us.

But happy day! Humble Pie quietly opened almost two weeks ago now, selling pizzas (cheap; they're $8 to $12) and good beer (also cheap: $3.75 for a pint of micro, $2 for Rainier tall boys, the rest of the menu's in the picture above) for take-out.

Or sit on the sunny patio and dig into one of the unique pies: Apple, Beachers Flaship, mozz and bacon; smoked eggplant, cherry tomatoes and onions; or the Whole Hog, with prosciutto, bacon and pulled pork.

Picnic time!