Il Corvo Selling Pasta at 2 Farmers Markets This Summer

Conchiglie, one of the fresh pastas now for sale at farmers markets

This just in: Mike Easton, pasta wizard extraordinaire and owner of Pioneer Square's Il Corvo, is now selling his fresh pastas at two area farmers markets.

Easton tells me that he'll be selling the conchiglie pictured (along with other pasta shapes) at the City Hall farmers market today (10am to 2pm, 600 Fourth Ave at Cherry St) and at the Occidental Park market in Pioneer Square tomorrow (10am-2pm). The price is $9 for 500 grams, or 1.1 lbs., and the pasta is made of certified organic, non-GMO Montana wheat.

Sorry, no sauces are for sale, but all you really need this time of year is a handful of super ripe summer tomatoes, cut into chunks. Add salt and a very generous glug of olive oil, tear a few leaves of basil into it and stir gently. Let this sit for ten minutes, stirring a couple of times. The tomatoes will shed their juices (that's the salt working) and you'll have a fresh tomato sauce for that lovely pasta. (A little fresh goat cheese to dot on top is a nice touch, too.)