The International District Has a Cool New Furniture Studio

After just a few minutes inside Plank & Grain (International District, 666 S King St.; 206.659.9884), the pleasant whiff of wood hits you.

Inside the slim storefront, which officially opened last week, is a workshop in the back where Erick Waldman and Nick Vaandering transform old-growth lumber (harvested from local warehouses and buildings) into dashing modern furniture. (It's also where arty wood covers for iPhones and earphones are fashioned for another creative enterprise, Lazerwood.) You can purchase a Plank & Grain table (starting around $1,300) or chairs right off the floor, or custom order a piece to fit your particular space and taste.

Plank & Grain

Plank & Grain table and stools 

Lazerwood iPhone covers

Lazerwood's wood iPhone covers

Plank & Grain opening party

Ali Basye and Todd DavisApryl and Dad

Apryl and the door to the workshop

Erick Waldman

Above, top to bottom: The crowd arrives at Plank & Grain's official launch party last week; guests Ali Basye and Todd Davis; co-owner Apryl Waldman and Dad, Steve; Apryl sliding back the door (made of unused wood iPhone covers) leading to the workshop; furniture maker Erick Waldman