April 2011

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Best Restaurants
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Hayley Young
Cayla Lambier
Max Kraushaar, a UW theater and photography major, spends weekend mornings baking pies in his apartm
WOW Baking gluten free kent wa
Anna Samuels
Good wheat- and gluten-free cookies fall into the same category as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny—
Lorna Yee
Our resident gourmand reveals the offal truth about how to prepare delicious animal parts.
Two Tartes scone georgetown seattle
Jennifer Lee
Infinitely adaptable to sweet or savory preference, scones are a beloved pastry staple.
Grim's Provisions and Spirits Capitol Hill Seattle
Cayla Lambier
Capitol Hill's self-proclaimed cross between steampunk and a horror video game.
Pantry trio Delancey Brandon Pettit
Allison Austin Scheff
News, gossip and general musings on openings, closings and fanfare in seattle’s kitchens.
UMO Ensemble
Brangien Davis
Clowns are freaky, we know. But if ever there was a time to conquer your coulrophobia, it would be
Knute Berger
Knute Berger remembers a Denny Triangle dive and investigates how restaurants provide a sense of pla