January 2014

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Best Breakfasts

Best breakfasts, plus the freshest oyster and raw bars.

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Kathryn Barnard; styling by Callie Meyer
Nancy Guppy
Nancy Guppy talks shop with stage director John Langs
John Stevens
An inside look at an historic First Hill mansion’s rich room renewal
Brangien Davis
Spend a little time--drink in hand--'round the fire at one of these local fire pits
A.J. Rathbun
Witness preaches good cocktails, Southern food and charm—can we get an amen?
Lindy West seattle Seattle magazine
Brangien Davis
Writer, performer and activist Lindy West keeps her wit about her
Allison Austin Scheff, Rachel Hart and Leslie Kelly
The best places in Seattle to grab a quick (and super affordable!) morning bite
Brangien Davis
The annual Matthews Beach Polar Bear Plunge is not for the faint-hearted
Knute Berger
If “Emerald City” is outdated, Knute Berger asks, what’s our next hook?