July 2012

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Top Doctors

The 412 Top Doctors around Puget Sound. When a loved one needs a doctor, whom do you call? We put that question to thousands of local physicians in our annual Top Doctors survey and came up with our biggest response yet—more than 18,000 votes.

Seattle Magazine Staff
We interviewed six different specialists making fascinating breakthroughs in their field.
Kristen Russell
Including the first new drug approved by the FDA for Hodgkin’s lymphoma in more than 30 years.
Karen West
This developing therapy could potentially one day eliminate the need for chemotherapy and radiation.
Sheila Cain
Why local experts are prescribing fewer sleeping pills despite a growing insomnia epidemic.
Kristen Russell
We checked in with local doctors* to find out which sites they recommend—and use themselves.
Marianne Hale
Two new Seattle-based companies are focused on improving the mail we get.
Katie Joy Blanksma
Just a short ferry ride away from Seattle, this laid-back island’s quaint shops always enchant.
Marianne Hale
And the staff promises this version will be like no other production you've seen before.