June 2012

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30 Perfect Summer Nights

This is the grown up's guide to enjoying Seattle's (woefully) cool summer nights. Also in this issue: a day in the life of Seattle cyclists and the breakdown on our city's most expensive public utility palace.

Knute Berger
Knute Berger’s spirited take on legal moonshine and our state’s changing liquor laws.
Lorna Yee
Lorna yee crafts a meltingly smooth pasta sauce with uni, or sea urchin
Sierra Christman
Mount Vernon’s Schuh Farms is ready for a bountiful berry harvest.
Marianne Hale
Aching for some bacon? Try these local takes on the classic sandwich.
Sierra Christman
Jeff Wildenstein uses ASL to interpret lectures, plays and rock shows for the local deaf community.
High-art sculpture meets arts-and-crafts fair wear-ability.
Brangien Davis
Tacoma’s new car museum is an ode to hitting the road.
Marianne Hale
A locally developed water bottle makes the impact of sustainability clear.