June 2014

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43 Hidden Gems

An Insider's Guide to our City's Best-Kept Secrets

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Hayley Young
seattle underwater hockey team octopush seattle magazine
Brangien Davis
Seattle’s underwater hockey team heads to nationals
Ali Brownrigg and Ernie Pino
seattle travel seattle magazine
Roddy Scheer
Discovering British Columbia’s Gulf Islands by tall ship
seattle herbalists natural health seattle magazine
Brangien Davis; with research by Meghan Gelbach // Portrait by Hayley Young
Seattle’s longtime herbal expert opens a new home for natural health
seattle symphony sonic evolution seattle magazine
Brangien Davis
Sonic Evolution gives popular music the symphonic treatment
seattle vs san francisco tech backlash seattle magazine
Drew Atkins, a Seattle magazine collaboration with Crosscut.com
The thriving tech industry is changing Seattle, and not everyone is happy about it