March 2014

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What Does Your Zip Code Say About You?

What Your ZIP Code Says About You, plus Seatle versus the Eastside: A Matter of Perspective

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Hayley Young
working as a freelance writer in seattle
Randy Woods
Freelance writer and telecommuter Randy Woods on the perils and pleasures of working off-site
Jackie Micucci with additional research by Erika Almanza Brown
From Starbucks to Zillow, these locals share how they snagged their dream jobs
pizza in west seattle quadrato west seattle magazine
Allison Austin Scheff
This Italian eatery, tucked just off California Avenue, makes one thick and delicious slice of pizza
spy exhibit at pacific science center seattle magazine
Brangien Davis
A new exhibit showcases the history of spy gadgetry
Talia Gottlieb
Lucky Langley gets a DIY animation mercantile
Brangien Davis
Local performance artists Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey invent new ways of seeing