October 2013

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Best New Local Beer
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Hayley Young
A.J. Rathbun
Seattle Cider Company and Capitol Cider are ripening into the apples of Seattle’s eye
Tom Douglas restaurants Seattle magazine Chef Eric Tanaka
Leslie Kelly
Eric Tanaka adds a dash of delicate delight to Pan-Asian dishes with bonito flakes
Jennifer Shea
Trophy Cupcakes’ Jennifer Shea demonstrates how to make tissue flowers for your Day of the Dead part
Jennifer Shea
Cupcakes provide a delicious canvas for decorating with Day of the Dead sugar skulls
Jennifer Shea
Trophy Cupcakes’ Jennifer Shea riffs on traditional horchata
Kendall Jones
Grab a burger—or something more exotic—and a beer brewed on the premises at one these tasty pubs
Kendall Jones
All the best local brews to drink this instant
Shannon O'Leary
A stylish entry starts with the door—but don’t forget the bells and whistles…and knockers