September 2011

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Hayley Young
carolyn yuen
A potpurri of new French eateries is bring the taste of Paris to a surprising corner of the Emerald
Sarai Dominguez
Go thither to Vancouver for a memorable marathon of plays by Shakespeare and contemporary playwright
Jana Moseley
Hotel Ballard is back with exciting modern updates and its original Old World elegance.
Brangien Davis
A new flying facility in Tukwila lets beginners feel the thrill of free-fall, just a few feet off th
Kavita Varma-White
Frye Art Museum’s ‘Smalll Frye’ program makes art easier for little ones to swallow; plus, a cool ne
Sarai Dominguez
Following the renovation of Capitol Hill’s historic Oddfellows building, myriad new shops, restauran
Rebekah Denn
The district’s just landed a brand-new food guru, whose bringing slow-food rules to the lunch line f
Cayla Lambier
Video games leap off the screen and into new tech products that help PTSD patients, drivers and webs
Elaine Porterfield
Local parents are outraged that more out-of-state students are getting accepted—but some say the UW
Cody Bay
Seattle restaurants turn to a greener, cheaper way to serve delicious local wines, on tap.