September 2012

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Best Neighborhood Shops

From consignment stores to jewel-box boutiques, shoe scores and beauty steals, we've rounded up the 15 best Seattle neighborhoods for shopping, complete with turn-by-turn directions and secret parking tips.

Cody Bay
Enrich yourself both culturally and materially in the heart of Seattle’s Asian community.
This funky strip is truly the center of the universe for vintage wear and statement accessories.
Shop here for stylish urban wear: hipster plaid, “adorkable” patterned frocks and spunky jewelry.
Knute Berger
It's the 40th anniversary of a notorious political scandal. Knute Berger shows how it hits home.
Elaine Bowers
Is the massive coal-shipping port planned for Whatcom County a blessing or a curse?
Dana Standish
Poet laureate Kathleen Flenniken is showcasing the work of countless local poets during her term.
Brangien Davis
Avant-garde composer Cuong Vu’s trumpet playing sits on the cutting edge of music.
All the stage is a world for this local scenic designer
Brangien Davis
The Local cinematographer turns filmmakers’ vision into reality.
Brangien Davis