It's Time Again for Presidential Debate Bingo!

Tonight brings the first of four presidential debates, which will no doubt set the tone for all future water cooler discussion around the Obama vs. Romney political race. Jim Lehrer hosts and the topics have been announced as follows: The Economy, parts 1, 2 and 3 (a new series from George R. R. Martin?), health care, role of government and governing.

Don't just watch the face off; play along with this fabulous set of four "Lingo Bingo" cards designed by the folks at Star-Telegram, available to download here. Use it as an educational tool to get your kiddos really listening, or as a prompt for a good old-fashioned debate party drinking game. Whatever ticks your ballot.

Standard bingo rules apply. Each time a candidate mentions one of these terms or demonstrates a listed behavior, scratch off the square with a marker. First person to get a row of five scratches wins!

All debates will begin at 6pm Seattle time. Mashable has details on how to watch the debates online. And here's the full schedule of future debates.