Jamie Boudreau of Canon Shares His Sangria Recipe

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The weekend forecast calls for some Sangria! And guess who shared a recipe? The fabu Jamie Boudreau, da man mixing it up at comfy chic cocktail hangout, Canon (click through for location and map).

“This is a completely clear sangria that allows you to showcase beautiful seasonal fruit,” he said.

Besides being as pretty as a cotton candy sunset over West Seattle, we love this Sangria blanc because it’s easy to make and even easier to sip, no matter what the weather does.

Jamie says:

“Fill a pitcher with a bottle of dry white wine, 2 ounces of gin, rum, Pisco or vodka and four ounces of a clear-ish liqueur like St. Germain or pear liqueur.

Add a couple of slices of lemon and lime and several pieces of seasonal fruit (think raspberries and blackberries).

Let sit for a couple of hours (or don't), add ice and serve into wine goblets for a quick way to relax in the sun this summer.”