Jason Wu for Lancome at Nordstrom

Jason Wu and Nordstrom are totally besties right now. The designer returned to the city for the second time in a month last week (the first was a personal appearance for his Nordstrom exclusive clothing collection, Miss Wu, at the Bellevue store) to chat about his Lancome makeup collection, also a Nordstrom exclusive.

The Lancome line is a women’s best friend, with basics like black liquid liner, the perfect red lipstick (three different ones to choose from), red and pink nail polish, three single and three palette eye shadows, a liner and your new essential: navy mascara. The products are packaged in Wu’s signature gray, a color that spans many of his lines, including his labels, shopping bags, shoes and hangers.

“For my first collection with Lancome, I wanted to establish the essentials that are important and a part of every women’s beauty regime,” says Wu. “I wanted to bring my sense of color and love of color to the eye shadow.I’ve always loved beauty and the beauty process and statement hair and makeup is a part of my runway shows, so working with Lancome was a natural progression.”

Check out the entire Jason Wu for Lancome, exclusively at Nordstrom, here.