Kate Moss Topshop Collection Hits Nordstrom

Kate Moss Topshop
Kate Moss Topshop Pansy sundress, $130

On Wednesday, April 30, crazy coveted Kate Moss Topshop collection is making its debut at area Nordstrom stores (and online).

Moss has made a splash in the fashion world from the beginning of her career in 1988, ushering in the heroin chic of the 90s that played alongside the Amazonian supermodels of the day. The same is true with her collab with British fast fashion retailer TopShop, in 2007. No doubt, in 2014, Seattle’s fashion focused will clamor for a chance to shop her spring line and slap down their credit cards for the honor.

From the press release: The collection features updated fabrics, premium tailoring, and an intimate take on Kate’s personal closet and favorite pieces. With looks styling the range from pajama dressing to cocktail hour and from boho blouses to noir-inspired trousers and bias-cut gowns, it’s ultimately a reflection of Kate’s iconic style.

Prices range from $90 for a scarf to $690 for a maxi dress that must be lined with gold leaf (it’s not).

“It’s really exciting that it’s going to be in sixty Nordstrom stores,” Kate said, “because it’s not just in New York and LA. It’s across the country.” Maybe she’ll come visit?

If you’re a fan, head to your local Nordstrom (downtown, Bellevue Square or Southcenter) tomorrow when customers who spend over $150 (not hard when scarves are $90) will get a free limited edition tote bag. The first 50 customers’ bags will hold some extra special swag.


** To add to the frenzy, Nordstrom projected huge, nay, ginormous Kate Moss photos (taken by famed photographer Nick Knight) on the downtown store last night as a countdown to the shopping. Did you catch it? If not, here's a shot:

Kate Spade TopShop Nordstrom Seattle