Kirkland Arts Center opens new video installation by artists Alison Brady and Sarah Knobel

Over Again
A still from Over Again, by Alison Brady and Sarah Knobel

The Kirkland Arts Center just launched a spooky-cool show by two up-and-coming East Coast artists. Alison Brady, from Washington, DC, is known for her hyper-real (and hyper-creepy) photographs. Sarah Knobel, from NYC, has made a splash with her surreal self-portraits (via photos and videos). The two have collaborated for the photo/video installation Over Again, which explores aging, work, marriage and motherhood through a lens that's both humorous and kinda disturbing.

Though I haven't crossed the lake to see it yet, I'm intrigued. I also love that they created a video trailer for the show—something more artists might consider. (Of course, it works especially well for this medium, but hey, if authors making book trailers is de rigueur these days, surely visual artists could give it a go.) You can watch the Over Again trailer right here. This glimpse reminds me of Seattle performance/video artist Wynne Greenwood (at least during her Tracey and the Plastics stage) and also of Miranda July's performance work...well, a lot of her work, actually. Which means I'll be going to Over Again before it disappears on Feb 26.