Behind the Scenes of our September Issue: So Many Finds, Only So Many Pages

Sometimes I am my own worst enemy: Back in March when I first suggested to Editorial Director Rachel Hart that we feature only local products in our fall fashion and shopping issue, I had no idea what I was getting myself into (or that I would play stylist for a day!).

As the (delightful) research got underway last spring and into the summer, it quickly became clear it was going to require a herculean effort to squeeze the hundred-plus sweet little finds and shops into the feature. The litmus test quickly became, “How much am I freaking out over this?” If the answer was, “Perhaps a bit too much, put your wallet down” —well then, you’ll find it in our pages.

From quirky balloon dog bookends to the hidden spots to shop vintage, I hope you’ll find a little somethin’ somethin’ for yourself along the way to inspire your fall wardrobe and above all, that you’ll learn a new local name or two, from emerging jewelry artists to the clothing designers changing the Seattle design scene.


Vintage angel

Two favorite finds: Bookends and boots (at the Vintage Angel Company)

As you can see from the alternative cover set-up below, the wealth of stylish local options is near countless and people, there is some talent in this town. For the shoot, we played with an entire box of Muratori handbags, piles of Rock Star Jewelry and patterned Tuesday scarves. (I did crack open my wallet for that scarf; oh, and Daly Bird earrings; and Miz Mooz Oxfords. I may not make rent this month.)



These are just three of the many treasures you’ll find tucked inside: read up on the stars of the arts scene, eat at the best new Italian restaurant in town and sip wine from the cask.