I Can Haz Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh Lands on GQ’s Worst-dressed List— and He’s Rallying for a Recount

You know, some people might take it personally. But when Ben Huh, CEO of Seattle-based ICanHasCheezburger.com popped up as the number 10 offender on GQ’s worst-dressed men of Silcon Valley list this month, he took the honor in classic good humor— and then issued the publication a challenge.

Yesterday, our 2010 Most Influential honoree posted a video response to first point out that he isn’t actually in the Silicon Valley (we’re going to gloss over that one), and then to ask for a recount with a  “blind fashion taste test.” Dressed in a revolving array of classic cat shirts during the video, Huh lays out his proposal: He’ll dress himself in one outfit, next GQ’s style masters can have a go at it, and then the public declares a winner.


So, the questions remain: Will GQ step up to the plate? How would they dress him? And, is there anything cooler than a Robo-Cop cat t-shirt?