Meet our latest obsession: Vancouver, B.C.-based Native Shoes. The hipper, better-fitting Crocs.

Rachel Hart
B.C. company Native's Jefferson shoe in Torch Red

Moms (and Dads) of Seattle tired of schlepping your kids to the pool and getting your cute shoes all wet, rejoice! I have discovered a comfy new pair of shoes for you to knock around in and wear from the pool to the grocery store and even to work if you're lucky to be in a creative line of work as I am.

They're a new line of casual shoes by Vancouver, B.C. company Native Shoes, which I discovered at a shop on my recent trip up north. Like Crocs, they are all one piece made of lightweight foamy stuff (they call it EVA) with antimicrobal properties to reduce foot odors (time will tell, I guess). And llike Crocs they have performations all over the shoe to allow your tootsies to breathe (key). But unlike Crocs, they are super cute and designed to look like Converse sneakers (the Jefferson style, my favorite) or Keds (Jericho) and other retro styles. And they come in amazing colors. Hooray waterproof, washable shoes!

Their PR folks tell me Natives are sold locally at GOODS and Ian downtown, as well The Sneakery in Ballard, though they have limited styles. Nordstrom is supposed to carry them too. I want to shop locally so hope they have my favorite color combination and style somewhere here (Jefferson in Torch Red or Kermit Green). Let me know if you see them!


8/17/11 Update: I just bought a pair (online, dang!) and will comment on all the "do they make your feet sweat?" (gross, yes, but you know you're wondering too) questions when I get them.


Native's Jefferson shoe in Scuba Green