Mossback On Assignment: Sightseeing via the Rocky Mountaineer Train

Knute Berger
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Canada is a good place, apparently, for a trip, as editor at large Knute Berger discovered on his trek

As Seattle Magazine's editor at large, I get to do the dirty jobs sometimes. Like this week, I'm up in the Canadian Rockies. We came up from Seattle to Vancouver then on to Banff via a Canadian sightseeing train called the Rocky Mountaineer: think domes, cars and gourmet food while cruising on rails through the wilderness. It was a smooth and splendid ride. I'm also spending time in Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise because, well, someone has to do it. This morning, we started the day with elk sausage and bison meat at the Buffalo Mountain Lodge, then took the Banff gondola to get fabulous views of the mountains, then a dip in the local hot springs. Now, lest you think it's all cushy, please note that on this expedition we have been in some dangerous places. You might be afraid of grizzlies or rutting Bighorn sheep, but the real danger is your own feet. Canada is a good place, apparently, for a trip, as these photos show.

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