Mudhoney Ice Cream From Full Tilt? Sweet!

Leslie Kelly
From left: Justin Cline and Mark Arm

Full Tilt's Justin Cline is a huge music enthusiast--his original shop in White Center providing a venue for local performers from the get-go--so it seems particularly fitting that he created a special ice cream as a tribute to grunge icon Mudhoney's 25th anniversary.

"I have always been a big fan and I thought if Ben & Jerry could name ice cream after jam bands, I could name one after a band I thought was cool," he said.

The effort was collaborative, with Mudhoney front man Mark Arm offering input. Mark put the kibosh on honey caramel swirl and a espresso chip with honey. The winning combo is a honey cinnamon ice cream with a fudge swirl. The pints are decorated from artwork from a Mudhoney album. 

And earlier this week, Justin dropped off a bunch of Mudhoney ice cream at Sub Pop Records, where Mark works. 

"My mouth is so cold," he said, after taking the first bite. When asked how he liked the second spoonful, he quipped: "It's twice as good as the first."

The special Mudhoney Full Tilt Ice Cream will soon hit the freezer cases around the city, but is currently available at Stockbox, the new grocery store on First Hill.