New Designer: Karen Guh

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Ok, so maybe it’s not the right time of year to be talking cashmere, but I’m so in love with this new-to-me line that I wanted to share it ASAP. Plus, the press release call this line “trans-seasonal,” and then again, it’s not quite Junuary, so maybe there’ll be a need for some cozy wear soon. Also, this collection is only available for pre-order, so when your purchase arrived in September, you'll be super ready for this kind of garment.

Former Nordstrom trend director Karen Guh has recently launched Paychi Guh, a 10-piece collection of perfectly chic knitwear and scarves made with 100 percent Mongolian cashmere—as in, all cashmere, with no other fibers as fillers.


Many of the pieces are basics, like the Asymmetrical Top ($325), which can sub in a flash for your everyday, ho-hum black t-shirt. But others, like the Two Way Cozy Cardigan ($575), in a cool geometric print, is a show stopper that can be worn, as the name suggests, two ways (pattern side up, or pattern side down).

The Paychi Guh line is not fast fashion. It’s not inexpensive. It’s a luxury line, classic enough to wear for a lifetime, yet distinctive enough to make a statement.

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