New to Seattle: BluePrint Juice Cleanse

BluePrint juices hit Seattle-area Whole Foods last December.

Chances are you’ve heard of the BluePrint juice cleanse. Michael Kors does it. Jason Wu does it. Rachel Roy and Blake Lively do it. Ali Brownrigg does it (ok, just did it) and now, thanks to its recent launch at area Whole Foods, you can do it to. (Although, BluePrint will also deliver directly to your door through the mail if you're not close to a Whole Foods.)

Don’t roll your eyes. You really can do it, and here’s why: they make it easy.  Their catchphrase, “we think, you drink,” sums it up perfectly. All you need for the one, three or five day cleanse is right there at your fingertips in your fridge, each bottle numbered from one to six, so you know exactly which one comes next. For those of us without a juicer or a juice place around the corner, this convenience is the key to staying strong.

That and the fact that the juices are actually delicious and packed full of nourishing fruits and veggies of all colors (especially the green ones) to keep you going, means by the beginning of day three, you’re actually looking forward to the juice ahead.

I did the three day Renovation Cleanse, which includes green juice with kale and spinach, magenta-colored carrot/beet/apple juice, a spicy lemonade, the most divine pineapple, apple and mint and a very tasty cashew milk with cinnamon, just the thing to end the day with. All the juices are cold-pressed, raw and certified organic.

I won’t say I didn’t cheat with a little bit of real food over the three days—as a working mom, I don’t have time to slow down too far right now, plus I had to be "on" at the Seattle Wedding Show all weekend—but most of my sustenance came from the juice, and I have to say, I feel all the better for it.

P.S. Capitol Hill's Juicebox also offers a stellar juice cleanse for $60 per day and delivered right to your door.