New Shop: See Eyewear

The Dexter by Mondo, $269

It takes a lot to get me excited about eyewear or eyewear stores. I’ve had the same pair of spare glasses since the late 90s and while I admire cool glasses on other people, I always figure that people shop for them when they get their eyes checked at the eye doctors.

Well, that’s not necessarily so, now that See Eyewear is open on Fifth Ave. in the old Betsey Johnson space.

I’m excited about See for a few reasons. First, and foremost, their glasses are rad. I mean, there isn’t an on-trend shape and style that they don’t carry—and in a huge array of colors as well. They only carry their own brand, which is well-made, and are hyper in tune with the zeitgeist, both in terms of eyewear and the right price structure ($189-$349), something they call “fashionomically correct,” which means affordable. And they take insurance as well. Secondly, that price includes lenses. Score! Third, $99 sunnies. 

The fourth reason I’m into this business is that they just paired up with my personal favorite past-season Project Runway contestant (and current season Under the Gunn mentor), Mondo Guerra, who wears the glasses from his See collection with his signature flair. I’m more than just a wee bit jealous of his ability to pair and pull off patterns—his skills are many and apparently extend to his eyewear choices, which are now available in Seattle.