In the wake of Facebook's data collection scandal, should Seattle reconsider a proposal for free Wi-Fi at downtown bus stops?

This month's Editor's Note from Rachel Hart

A building on Fourth and Union is testing the limits of Seattle's sign ordinance

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The construction isn’t stopping anyone from going up to the observation deck—which has been open throughout the Needle’s renovation—including this family.

Inside the Needle's makeover


Resales are lower than ever and median home prices continue to skyrocket.

A new documentary short shows the growing opposition to Naval aircrafts practicing over the Olympic Peninsula

His family once owned almost a dozen homes in the rapidly gentrifying Central District. Now, Inye Wokoma is trying to hang on to just one as his family scatters throughout the region and he sees the neighborhood he knew disappearing

The Fresh Toast recently announced a partnership with Skipta to offer content and advice for usage of cannabis

After an employee was stuck with a needle in the Ballard library bathroom last month, containers will be installed on a pilot basis to prevent against dangers presented by the growing opioid crisis

Times were grim in Seattle and the country 50 years ago. But there was reason for hope then, just as there is now.