Jeopardy Legend Ken Jennings Is Co-Hosting a Podcast That's Also a Time Capsule

A new podcast from the Seattle resident is a time capsule of the planet’s peculiarities
Ken Jennings, left, and John Roderick, hosts of Omnibus

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After 74-time Jeopardy! winner and Seattle resident Ken Jennings and John Roderick of the local rock band The Long Winters met at Bumbershoot, the two decided to pool their pop cultural expertise and channel it into something they both love: a podcast.

They launched their twice-weekly show, Omnibus (Latin, meaning “for all”) late last year, billing it as “an encyclopedic reference work of strange-but-true stories that are compiled as a time capsule for future generations.” Basically: a podcast for those who will inherit the earth.

The idea is to educate and advise future audiences to help them avoid our mistakes through episodes that focus on obscure details of life on planet Earth. Subjects include everything from the great lengths we once went to admire a sunrise, to why it’s important to think twice before decorating your desk with a Newton’s cradle, to the music of famous German R&B lip syncers Milli Vanilli. Listeners across time can expect some hearty tongue-in-cheek banter.

“If these guys find the Milli Vanilli episode and build a society based on Milli Vanilli, I would feel terrible,” Jennings says.

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