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When it comes to love and romance, how does our city compare?

Two Queen Anne sisters are going to infinity and beyond (and from the White House to the stratosphere).

More than 85 percent of citizen action complaints to the Public Disclosure Commission last year came from one man, who is yet to target a single Republican group. Are these complaints in bad faith or is a real problem being exposed?

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The Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea begin this week, and it's been a volatile time on the peninsula.

One colleague describes Lisa Daugaard as an organizer, analyst, advocate, strategist, academic, orator, social worker and spin doctor.

Take a closer look inside The Spheres and the 40,000 individual plants and more than 300 plant species from more than 50 countries and almost every continent that now call it home.


Market makers say they will sell more than a half-billion dollars in newly built multi-family units by 2020.

Seattle and Washington political leaders were also on hand for the official opening ceremony for Seattle's newest urban landmark.

Millions of dollars are going toward several Seattle non-profit organizations.