Le Gourmand Will Put Off Closing

Cody Bay

After announcing in February that it would be closing up shop on June 2nd, Ballard's beloved bastion of fine French-Northwest dining is going to be with us a short while longer.

According to an anonymous-yet-reliable source I met in a dark underground garage (ok, that last part isn't true), the restaurant has been so flooded with fans desperate to consume one of the last meals it serves that owners Bruce and Sara Naftaly have decided to extend their run until June 30th. And since they have yet to ink a deal with a buyer to hand the space off to, why not?

 So if you're among those people leaving one of the 30+ reservation requests every day, only to be regretfully informed that there isn't a night from now until June 2nd that they can seat you before 9:30pm, you're in luck. You have one more month to enjoy the $60, 3-course "greatest hits" menu that Bruce has created, bringing together his proudest and most crowd-pleasing dishes from the last 27 years. legourmandrestaurant.com