Celebrate Cinco de Mayo: Why Not?

It's still a little random that American businesses widely observe Cinco de Mayo (and not actual Mexican Independence day: September 16). On the other hand, who wants to argue with an excuse to celebrate during the sober waking-nightmare we all silently suffer between St. Patrick's Day and the Fourth of July?

Just kidding.

Here's a few go-to places where you can be sure to observe the beloved tradition of knocking back tequila and tacos, no matter what day it is.

The Seattle mag editors have 5 Favorite Margaritas around tow. A.J. Rathbun also recommends the Margarita Mas Mejor from Little Water Cantina in Eastlake, where, if the weather is nice, you should definitely sit on the patio.

The Saint on Capitol Hill is launching a special "Tequila Passport" program, where if you collect stamps proving you've sampled all 80 of their tequilas (not in one sitting, for heaven's sake), they'll throw you a party for you and 9 friends (something to look forward to during the next holiday dry spell).

Linda's Tavern, also on the Hill, is offering $2 tacos all day, along with the $5 Two-Fisted Bandito (shot of tequila served with a can of Tecate).

Fresh Bistro is hosting a pig roast on Saturday. A ridiculously cheap $29 gets you family-style servings of roasted pork, appetizers and other sides. If you can't make it to the dinner, check out their Facebook page for a chance to win a private pig roast of your own.

If you'd rather avoid the binge-drinking crowd brought out by this Saturday's Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby doubleheader - why not visit one of our favorite German food spots for a quieter, but still festive, night of libation? No danger of finding margarita-seekers there.

This blog post has been edited since its original publication.