Orogold: Bellevue Square Gets Even Blingier

Orogold's 24K Bionic Complex Cream, $248

LA-based skincare company, Orogold, has recently opened at Bellevue Square, bringing the beautifying benefits of gold with it. Each product in the brand’s line contains flecks of 24K gold, called nano-gold, which means they are super small, but in some cases still visible to the naked eye, suspended in lotion, serums and creams. Prices range from $168 to $600, with the priciest product topping out at $1,500.

And while you won’t sparkle like Edward Cullen (or maybe he shined bright like a diamond?) or look like you’ve been gold-leafed if you use these products, you will go down in history in good company as gold has long been used as an ingredient in beauty regimes. Indeed, Cleopatra is thought to have slept in a gold mask every night and ancient Romans used gold in salves for a variety of skin issues.