Pike Place Market

Seattle's most iconic venue grows bigger, with new opportunities for market vendors, artists, tourists and locals.

The talented ensemble cast of Can Can's 'French Kiss' perform their namesake cabaret move

If you like your dinner theater intimate, sexy and delicious, give into the charms of 'French Kiss'

A former Fremont neighborhood fave is reborn in Pike Place Market

Old Pike Place Market tiles reveal intriguing Seattle quirks, says Knute Berger. Today’s generation now has its chance to make a mark at the Market.

A Parisian tradition comes to Seattle

A Parisian tradition comes to Seattle

Pike Place Market is slowly returning to its rightful designation as a place for local foodies rather than hungry tourists (though they’re welcome, too).

When you think of Pike Place Market, its fishmongers may come to mind—with their entertaining fish tossing, they tend to attract a lot of attention.

Our beloved, bustling Pike Place Market is undergoing a major makeover, and July offers a chance for locals to contribute to its new look, scheduled to be revealed in 2017.