Pop Life: Seattle Artist Troy Gua Builds an Icon

| Updated: November 27, 2018

Seattle mag Spotlight Award winner Troy Gua continues to experiment with his most enticing muse: manufactured fame. Inspired by his childhool idol the artist (formerly? currently?) known as Prince, Gua constructed a doll that looks just like the pop star, if he were to land a cameo role on the marionette-puppet TV show Thunderbirds.

Not content with just recreating an image of the star, Gua has been staging the doll, known as "Le Petit Prince," in elaborately decorated sets, recalling classic scenes from music videos and concerts that have defined Prince's career. On its own, the doll is a touch creepy. But clad in that classic ruffled collar, or that revealing "Funyuns" bodysuit, Le Petit Prince has a power that is hard to deny.

In typical "Gua-che" style, homage is not enough. He's making an icon of an icon into its own standalone icon.

Making Doves Cry with jealousy

Hence the growing line of limited edition Le Petit Prince art prints and t-shirts you can purchase directly from Gua's website. The first in a series of one-hit-wonder t-shirts is shown above.That drool (or laughter)-inducing tee my husband and I are modeling above (full disclosure: we're fans) is already sold out, I'm afraid. But keep an eye on Gua's website for more Le Petit Prince offerings. 

You can also follow the doll on Facebook for more updates. Naturally, he has his own page.