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Periodontics and Dental Implants

“Respected nationally and internationally as experts in periodontics and dental implants.”

Local dentists regard Advanced Periodontics of Seattle as the premier periodontal practice in the Pacific Northwest.  This reputation is backed by impressive professional training credentials and decades of combined clinical experience and outstanding patient care.

Advanced Periodontics of Seattle provides skilled care for all treatment aspects of gum disease, cosmetic gum enhancements, and dental implants.  They utilize cutting-edge technology including 3-D imaging and advanced laser surgical procedures.  While uncommon in most periodontal practices, these procedures provide a more precise result in complex cosmetic gum surgeries.

Drs. Richins, Butler, O’Neal, and Weinstein know that each patient is unique.  They take the time necessary to properly understand a patient’s periodontal needs.   They then review treatment goals and expectations with the patient and create a treatment plan tailored to their specific case.  For patient comfort, they offer a full array of sedation during treatment

With the support of a competent and caring staff, the experts at Advanced Periodontics of Seattle work together with referring dentists and other specialists to provide optimal treatment results.  If you need a periodontist, find out more at  Then talk to your dentist about a referral to Advanced Periodontics of Seattle.  Put our team to work for you!