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COMMUNICATION is an essential part of everyday life. From business meetings to time spent with loved ones, our speech and hearing are essential for building and maintaining relationships. At Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic (ESHC), the speech-language pathologists and doctors of audiology understand this basic need, and help patients reach their communication potential through evidence-based practices.

HEARLING LOSS affects nearly 29 million Americans who experience Hearing Health difficulties due to genetic pre-disposition, medical conditions, head trauma, excessive noise exposure and other factors.  ESHC administers a quick and easy test to determine if hearing loss is present. If hearing loss is present, an audiologist will create a personalized plan to enhance your communication abilities. With a properly matched hearing instrument, you will have more energy to enjoy the voices, music and sounds that enrich your life.

SPEECH AND LANGUAGE is the way in which we communicate with others, performed through writing, gesturing, listening and speaking. In a world where speech and language are essential, those with communication disorders can quickly fall behind in academics, job performance and social interactions. ESHC works with both children and adults to bring their speech and language abilities to their full potential. The speech-language pathologists specialize in Articulation, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Language, Literacy, Phonological Processing, Stuttering and Voice, along with the newest program Accent Modification.

TO GET HELP for you or a family member that may need assistance in hearing or speech-language, contact Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic for an evaluation with our clinicians and doctors. Visit www.everhear.com to learn more.