4 New Seattle-area Restaurants You Must Visit in January 2020

In today’s dining scene, it’s hard to keep up with restaurant openings. But it’s our job (and our pleasure) to do just that. Here are a few new places worth checking out

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Chinatown–International District
Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto opened a local offshoot of this popular ramen and izakaya concept in September. In lines going around the block, patient diners wait for a chance to slurp bowls of noodle soup and swill sake.

Lower Queen Anne
This petite eatery, open since summer, features a menu of creative family-style dishes with a Korean influence. Among them: truffle bulgogi and fried rice blackened by squid ink, plus crispy fried chicken wings tossed in soy garlic or sweet chili sauce.

Eight Row
Green Lake
From farm to table is the ethos behind this neighborhood spot, which opened in August in the busy northeast quadrant of Green Lake. Chef David Nichols (formerly of Rider and Queen Anne Beerhall) has put together a classic menu that capitalizes on fresh and preserved produce.

San Juan Seltzery
A partnership between San Juan Seltzer and Ethan Stowell Restaurants, this taproom, kitchen and bar debuted in September, offering 12 spiked seltzers on tap, a kiddie play area, a heated patio and a menu of family-friendly dishes, like crab cakes and burgers.

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