The Rob Roy Cocktail Advent Calendar is Back and Filling Your Season With Cheer

A.J. Rathbun
The Truffled Tom & Jerry is being served on December 8 at Rob Roy

The Rob Roy Cocktail Advent Calendar may be the best part of the holidays, and I’m super excited that it’s back. If you somehow missed it in the past, here’s how it goes. Every day from the 1st of December until Christmas, Rob Roy (2332 Second Avenue) unveils a delicious seasonal drink. So, if you didn’t already know about it, you’ve missed a couple days, but there are many left! There’s a full Cocktail Advent Calendar menu you can get at the bar to keep, and each time you order one of the drinks on that menu, you get a stamp. If you get 12 of the 24 drinks stamped, you’ll get a $50 gift certificate to use in 2014; all 24 stamps equals $100! This means you can sip a different amazing (and often warming in all the good senses of the word) drink every day, and pick up free drinks next year. That is the definition of awesome. Put together by owner Anu Apte and her staff of affable and top-shelf bartenders, the list of drinks includes modern twists on traditional seasonal favs, such as the Truffled Tom & Jerry (December 8). As for a few of the others:


  • Newer mixes such as the Rudesheim Coffee (December 23), with Asbach Uralt German brandy, sugar, coffee, whipped cream, vanilla sugar, dark chocolate flakes and fire (a good number of the drinks involve fire, which is swell in my book).


  • The Old Grand Dad’s Furnace (December 13), with bourbon, house-aged apple cider, Demerara sugar, a Guajillo ‘stir stick’ and cinnamon:


You won’t want to miss a drink (the month will be much less cheerful if you do). It’s like a cocktail holiday every day!