The Ruby Room Dress Drive

Two happy teens with their formal gowns courtesy of The Ruby Room

Unless you’ve got other plans for that worn-once, too-small dress that has occupied space in the back of your closet since… well, that’s not important… consider giving it a second chance to see the light of day—or rather, to see the light of a disco ball.  On February 24th from 11am to 1pm, the Ruby Room will be holding a dress drive at their Capitol Hill boutique for low-income and foster teens in need of formal wear. Acceptable donations include shoes, handbags, jewelry and dresses of all shapes and sizes—plus sizes are a definite plus. For the 11th year running, enabled by the generous (and sparkling) contributions from the community, Ruby Room will continue to do what it can to ensure that chiffon isn’t the only thing standing between a teen and a long-lasting memory.