A Sad So Long to Met Market on Queen Anne

Leslie Kelly

The past couple of months, shoppers at the Metropolitan Market on top of Queen Anne have been going through stages of grief: denial, anger, maybe this weekend's getting-ready-to-close sale (50 percent off, July 7-11) will help with acceptance. This store has such a special place in the hearts and bellies of many in the neighborhood, where it's been operating since 1971. It's a delicious throwback to another time when folks shopped at grocery stores, not supermarkets.

I'm going to miss that cozy footprint, the way you can get in and out in a hurry and come away with a bag filled with stuff you didn't know you needed. But I'll really miss the people who work there, especially the helpful crew in the meat department and the wine guy who always gave great suggestions. Sure, there are other Met Markets, but this spot sure felt like home base.