Seattle Magazine’s Top Doctors 2014

437 of the best physicians in the Puget Sound region, as chosen by their peers

By Stories by Linda Morgan, Naomi Craw and Shawna Leader with Mandolin Brassaw and Kari Lutcavich; Edited by Lisa Wogan. Research by GMA Research and Niki Stojnic with Sarai Dominguez and Sunny Parsons


June 19, 2014

This article originally appeared in the July 2014 issue of Seattle Magazine.

!–paging_filter–pMore than 1 million Washingtonians have acquired health insurance or enrolled in Medicaid since last fall, making our state a national leader for getting its citizens insured under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But that’s not the only area in which we are at the forefront—Washington, and the Seattle region in particular, are on the cutting edge of research, interventions and treatment—as well as leading the way in innovations to make health care more affordable, effective and accessible. It is in this dynamic time that we launched our 14th annual Top Doctors survey.brbrWe asked thousands of local doctors this question: To whom would you send a loved one for medical care? And more than 1,300 doctors participated, with nearly 13,000 nominations, to create this list of 437 physicians judged to be at the top in their field. This year, we expanded our list of providers to include doctor-nominated nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Always critical members of any health care team, these practitioners are playing an ever more critical and expanding role as hospitals and clinics are stretched by demand—especially for primary and preventive care. brbrAlong with the Top Doctors list, we take this opportunity to celebrate physicians who are transforming health care at a more grassroots level with our Community Service Awards.a href=”…” target=”_blank” This year’s nine honorees include doctors /awho volunteer, staff clinics, launch programs and more to reach underserved populations. Their efforts, like those of our Top Doctors, save lives—and all of their stories inspire. brbrFinally, we check in on the changing face of health care in Seattle, four years after Congress passed the ACA.a href=”” target=”_blank” Discover how your relationship with your doctor is fundamentally shifting/a, get a preview of the a href=”” target=”_blank”21st-century checkup/a anda href=”…” target=”_blank” learn the fate of your personal health record/a. Read a href=”…” target=”_blank”how we conduct our annual Top Doctors Survey here/a. Want to learn more about the four doctors featured on the July 2014 cover? a href=”…” target=”_blank”Go here to read their QAs/a. brbrstrongSpotlight on Four Doctors Who are Making a Difference:/strongbra href=”” target=”_blank”Lindsay Leeder, ARNP/abra href=”” target=”_blank”Kathleen Leppig, MD/abra href=”” target=”_blank”Jim Walsh, MD/abra href=”” target=”_blank”Julie Gralow, MD/abrbrstrongspan style=”color: #ff6600;”HOW TO READ THE 2014 TOP DOCTORS LIST/span/strongbremDoctors are listed alphabetically by the specialty in which they received the majority of nominations. /embrstrongspan style=”color: #ff6600;”img src=”/sites/default/files/newfiles/top_docs_legend_2.jpg” style=”vertical-align: middle;” height=”432″ width=”512″brCREDENTIALS/span/strongbremA number of initials are used in this list to indicate medical and professional degrees. Here’s what they stand for:/embrD.C. nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;Doctor of ChiropracticbrD.O.nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;Doctor of OsteopathybrDPMnbsp;nbsp; nbsp;Doctor of Podiatric MedicinebrLAcnbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;Licensed AcupuncturistbrM.D. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;Doctor of MedicinebrMHAnbsp;nbsp; nbsp;Master of Health AdministrationbrMPHnbsp;nbsp; nbsp;Master of Public HealthbrN.D.nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;Doctor of Naturopathic MedicinebrN.P.nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;Nurse PractitionerbrOMDnbsp;nbsp; nbsp;Oriental Medicine DoctorbrPA-Cnbsp;nbsp; nbsp;Physician AssistantbrPh.D.nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;Doctor of Philosophy (doctorate)/p
pa href=”” target=”_blank”Addiction medicine/anbsp;nbsp; a href=”” target=”_blank”brAdolescent medicinenbsp;/anbsp; a href=”” target=”_blank”brAllergy immunology/anbsp;nbsp; a href=”” target=”_blank”brAnesthesiology/anbsp;nbsp; a href=”” target=”_blank”brAutism/anbsp;nbsp; a href=”” target=”_blank”brBariatric medicinenbsp;nbsp;/a a href=”” target=”_blank”brCardiology/a bra href=”” target=”_blank”Colon rectal surgery /aa href=”” target=”_blank”br/aa href=”” target=”_blank”Critical carenbsp;/a bra href=”” target=”_blank”Dermatology br/aa href=”” target=”_blank”Emergency medicinenbsp; /aa href=”” target=”_blank”brEndocrinology/metabolism/a bra href=”” target=”_blank”Family medicine/abra href=”” target=”_blank”Fertility/abra href=”” target=”_blank”Gastroenterology/abra href=”” target=”_blank”Genetics/anbsp;nbsp; a href=”” target=”_blank”brGeriatricsnbsp;/anbsp;nbsp;a href=”” target=”_blank” br/aa href=”” target=”_blank”Gynecology/anbsp;nbsp; a href=”” target=”_blank”brHand surgery/anbsp; nbsp;a href=”” target=”_blank”brHematologybr/aa href=”” target=”_blank”Hospital medicinebr/aa href=”” target=”_blank”Infectious disease/abra href=”” target=”_blank”Integrative medicinenbsp;nbsp;nbsp; /abra href=”” target=”_blank”Internal medicinenbsp;nbsp;/anbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Maternal fetal medicinenbsp;nbsp;nbsp;/a bra href=”” target=”_blank”Nephrologynbsp;nbsp;nbsp;/a bra href=”” target=”_blank”Neurologynbsp;/anbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Neurosurgerynbsp;/anbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Obstetrics/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Occupational medicine/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Ophthalmology/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Orthopedics/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Otolaryngologynbsp;/anbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Pain medicine/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Pathologynbsp;/anbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Pediatric medicine/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; br(Pediatric specialists listed by specialty)bra href=”…” target=”_blank”Physical medicine rehabilitation/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Plastic/cosmetic surgerynbsp;/anbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Plastic/reconstructive surgery/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Podiatry/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Psychiatry/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Pulmonary medicine/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Radiology, diagnosticnbsp;/anbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Radiology, interventionalnbsp;/anbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Rheumatology/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Sleep medicine/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Sports medicine/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Surgerynbsp;/anbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Thoracic surgery/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Transplantationnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;/a bra href=”” target=”_blank”Urology urologic surgery/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Vascular surgery/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; brstrongbraspan style=”color: #ff6600;”CANCER SPECIALISTS/span/a/strongbra href=”” target=”_blank”Oncology/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”…” target=”_blank”Breast cancer (medical surgical)nbsp;/anbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Breast cancer (surgical)nbsp;nbsp;/anbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Colorectal cancer (medical)nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; /abra href=”” target=”_blank”Colorectal cancer (surgical)nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; /abra href=”…” target=”_blank”Gynecological (medical surgical)nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; /abra href=”” target=”_blank”Lungnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;/a bra href=”…” target=”_blank”Pediatric/anbsp;nbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”Radiationnbsp;/anbsp;nbsp; bra href=”” target=”_blank”brNurse practitionersnbsp;nbsp;nbsp; /abra href=”” target=”_blank”Physician assistantsnbsp;/anbsp;nbsp; brstrongspan style=”color: #ff6600;”brALTERNATIVE MEDICINE/span/strongbra href=”…” target=”_blank”Acupuncturenbsp;nbsp;nbsp; /abra href=”…” target=”_blank”Chiropractic medicinenbsp;nbsp;nbsp;/a bra href=”…” target=”_blank”Naturopathynbsp;nbsp;/anbsp; brbr/p