Seattle Plays the Constitution

A flag made from a flag. Part of local artist Luke Haynes' "The American Context" series

What's that you say? You've never read the U.S. Constitution from start to finish? Or did you just mean you haven't read it aloud, on stage, with friends and strangers watching you, and stirring musical accompaniment spurring you forward?

Well, now you can.

Tonight in Seattle (9/17; 6pm-Midnight), a group (or is it a movement?) called My Daily Constitution is hosting a free event at the Jewelbox Theater in Belltown (2322 2nd Ave.), where volunteers can hop on stage to read an excerpt of the Constitution as it was originally written.

Short intermissions from the reading will feature "Constitutional Talent," i.e., local experts on law, sharing their "ideas and knowledge" on the matter. Reflection, learning and idealistic talk should abound.

Musicians featured: "Rob Witmer, Charles Leggett, Hans Teuber, Carl Sander + Miranda Taylor, Amy Denio, Scott Adams, Andre Elias, Mark Fauver, Fruit and Vegetable (Tim Kennedy+ Claudio Rochat-Felix) SteveFreeborn, Samantha Boshnack + Bill Bradburd. With Preamble Treatment by Joanne Klein."

More info at

21+ only.

If you can't make this event, celebrate Constitution Day by staging a private reading at home.