Seeking Singles to Feature in Seattle Magazine

Update! We've gotten almost more nominations than we have time to process. Thank you for sending us info about your single friends (and, in some cases, your single selves). We have begun our review process and will soon begin reaching out to nominees we'd like to feature in the magazine (no one will be featured without consent). In the meantime, please don't send any more submissions! Thanks so much for reading. - Seattle mag editors

The editors at Seattle mag are looking for the most interesting singles in Seattle to include in an upcoming feature in the print magazine.

Do you know any men or women who are unattached and fascinating? Do you have an irresistible urge to play matchmaker for a single friend who you just know is a total catch? Then you should get in touch with us.

To nominate a fabulous single person in your life, please let us know a little about him/her (occupation, interests, etc.) and if possible, send along a photo. All ages (at least 21 please!) and orientations welcome.

E-mail all nominations to kristen (dot) russell (at) tigeroak (dot) com by March 1, 2012 [nomination period now closed].

Thanks for your help.