Shopping at Pike Place Market with ART's Chef

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Guess who I ran into at Pike Place Market?

ART chef Jelle Vandenbroucke, who makes a trip there every Wednesday during the summer with anybody who wants to tag along. And it doesn’t cost a thing. How cool is that?

Chef Jelle has been chef de cuisine at ART for about a year, working with executive chef Kerry Sear at the gorgeous restaurant at the Four Seasons, where I would totally live if I ever hit that dang Mega Millions.

Organic Wednesdays are part of the 7 Days of ART promotion, which also includes an old-fashioned burger/ribs cookout on Sundays and Tuesdays dedicated to DIY desserts.

While checking out what’s fresh, chef Jelle comes up with that evening’s special on the fly. He made a beautiful pickled apricot puree to complement Alaska salmon served over tender-crisp sea beans he picked up at Sosio’s. Such a pretty plate.

Meet up with chef Jelle at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday in the lobby of the Four Seasons and he’ll show you a thing or three.